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The Vitalis Advantage

Vitalis believes health can be optimized at any age. We understand our clients when they tell us, “There is no place like home”, and appreciate their need to live there independently.

Our programs aim to optimize our clients’ independence, allowing each to live safely and healthfully at home.


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Modified WHO/HPS, Geneva 2000

Research has shown that as we age muscle size and strength decreases resulting in increased risk of adverse outcomes such as physical disability, poor quality of life, and even death (1).

At the age of 50 a 10-15% loss of strength can be seen per decade which can rapidly increase at the age of 70 to 25-40%. Underlying medical issues and/or a critical event such as a fall, illness or surgery can accelerate this loss (2).

Therapy has been shown as an effective strategy to offset and even reverse the age-related loss of muscle mass and strength (3).

Our therapy programs assist in restoring ability levels lost due to impairments and critical events thereby enhancing independence and quality of life.

They have been designed with the essential elements required to help optimize, resist, and even reverse loss due to the aging process.

Our programs aim to allow you to achieve Vitality.


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