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Achieving Your Vitality is Our Passion

Vitality - a state of being strong and active


vitalis health and fitness vitality coordinator

Your path to Vitality begins with a free in-home consultation with one of our Vitality Coordinators. Our coordinators know how to plan care and ensure client service satisfaction.


vitality health and fitness define your vitality

We start by asking the question "What is your Vitality?"

  • Continue to live safely at home without falls
  • Movement free of pain
  • Improved walking ability
  • Maintaining ability to participate in your favorite hobby
  • More energy to play with grandchildren and even great grandchildren

Defining your Vitality helps us understand what you want to accomplish. Your Vitality Coordinator will complete an in-depth review of your concerns, current ability levels, and medical history. A Plan of Care will then be discussed to assist in the achievement of your Vitality.


vitality health and fitness staff matching

Your Vitality Coordinator will match Vitalis staff to your needs. This provides you with confidence in your care team professionals.

When your care team has been updated on your ability level and your defined Vitalis therapist and/or nurse will arrange your initial assessment. This assessment is the start toward creating your tailored program.

vitality health and fitness service delivery

During your initial assessment you can expect your therapist and/or nurse to complete a series of tests and measurements to determine your ability level. The results of this assessment together with your defined Vitality is used to create your personalized program.

vitality health and fitness service satisfaction

Oversight by your Vitality Coordinator will help ensure the highest level of satisfaction with your Vitalis services. They will monitor and provide regular follow-up on your progression toward achieving your defined Vitality.