In-Home Therapy and Mobility Solutions

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Professional services to enhance mobility delivered to you

Together our programs, provide the essential elements to help your clients move better.

Vitalis provides unique healthcare solutions to our retirement and long-term care partners that have been designed to optimize the client experience with care. Delivery is done by our professional therapists and nurses with the process overseen for each partner home through a Vitality Coordinator. Our team emphasizes communication and will be regularly onsite to speak with the interdisciplinary team. We will provide regular reports to demonstrate treatment effectiveness and track overall delivery.

Our partners can select specific programs and each can be customized to meet home and resident needs as well as schedules.


vitalis health and fitness healthy legs

Mobility requires healthy feet. Our healthy legs program has been designed to ensure that your residents’ feet are cared for. Our nurses provide professional foot care with autoclaving of instruments used to meet Healthcare Canada’s requirements. This provides you and your residents’ confidence that they are being cared for through the highest standards of care and infection control.

Our team also provides compression stocking sizing and ordering for edema control and orthotic and orthopedic footwear to keep legs and feet healthy.


vitality health and fitness massage therapy

Experience the luxury of having senior specific massage therapy available in-house for your clients. Our team will establish a massage therapy program providing equipment designated to a central spa treatment area and mobile equipment for treatment in the comfort of the resident’s room. Our registered massage therapists have experience and a passion for treating seniors to decrease pain, increase relaxation, and improve overall mobility.


vitality health and fitness seating and mobility

Not all wheelchairs are the same and not all clients require the same set-up. Vitalis aims to provide partner retirement and long-term care homes a coordinated and well-defined process to enhance independence, comfort, and positioning through customized seating and mobility assessments for residents.

We work with the interdisciplinary team to define a tailored process from referral to assessment to equipment implementation that will meet your teams’ needs emphasizing regular communication to achieve seating/mobility success.

vitality health and fitness physiotherapy

Our team has extensive experience with program delivery in on-site therapy delivery and program implementation.

We have developed a variety of novel care programs that have shown to be successful and ones that can be customized based off of the need of our partners.

On-site therapy and training is provided as well as regular management oversight to ensure effective delivery of our programs.